Fitness Running Cycling Knee Support Braces Elastic Nylon Sport Compression Knee Pad Sleeve for Basketball Running Volleybal

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MATERIAL USED: Nylon, latex silk, spandex and Silicone it has strong toughness, good wear resistance, high tensile strength and fast recovery performance.
SILICONE NON-SLIP: Helps knee support not slip down your leg, which is great, you can go for a run and not have to stop to adjust the supports.
GREAT QUALITY KNEE SUPPORT: this knee support is very well made, comfortable, great support, compression and are comfortable to wear. Knee support compression sleeves help with knee pains related to hyper-mobility, climbing stairs, running or suffer with joint pain in your knees. You can use them daily at the gym, running, hiking ,play basketball or football, and other sports or activities.
M-- Top width 6.25"/16cm, down width 5.5"/14cm, length 10.5"27cm
Recommended leg circumference 13.5"-16"/35-41 cm, Suit for weight: 88-132 Lbs/40-60 KG

L-- Top width 6.5"/17cm, down width 5.75"/15cm, length 10.5"/27cm
Recommended leg circumference 16.25"-18.25"/42-47 cm, Suit for weight: 132-165 Lbs/60-75 KG

XL-- Top width 7"/18cm, down width 6.25"/16cm, length 10.5"/27cm
Recommended leg circumference 18.75"-21.5"/48-55 cm, Suit for weight: 165-209 Lbs/75-95 KG

XXL-- Top width 7.25"/18.5cm, down width 6.5"/16.5cm, length 11.25"/29cm
Recommended leg circumference 22"-24.5"/56-63 cm, Suit for weight: 209-242 Lbs/95-110 KG

XXXL-- Top width 7.5"/19.5cm, down width 6.75"/17.5cm, length 11.25"/29cm
Recommended leg circumference 24.5"-27.25"/63-70 cm, Suit for weight: 242-275 Lbs/110-125 KG