Training Fitness Resistance Bands Perfect For Strength Mobility Training Physical Therapy Pilates And Carry Bag Workout Equipment

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Product Overview

EXCELLENT: Excellent for strength training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and improving flexibility
DURABLE: Durable natural latex guarantees great elastic response as well as high resilience
PRODUCT: Set includes 5 bands with color-coded resistances from X-light to X-heavy
MEASUREMENT: Each band measures 12" L x 2" W

 product-image-929663938-1024x1024-2x.jpgSTRENGTH AND SIZE: 

X-Light (5-10lbs), 23.4"/600 X 2"/50 X 0.35mm (L X W X H)
Light (10-15lbs), 23.4"/X 2"/50 X 0.5mm (L X W X H)
Medium (15-20lbs), 23.4"/600 X 2"/50 X 0.7mm (L X W X H)
Heavy (25-30lbs), 23.4"/600 X 2"/50 X 0.9mm (L X W X H)
X-Heavy (30-40lbs), 23.4"/600 X 2"/50 X 1.1mm (L X W X H)

Do not use bands on abrasive or jagged surfaces
Do not stretch to more than 3 times their original length
Do not release the bands when under tension to avoid injury. Carefully return bands to their original length before releasing.
Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Do not use soap or other cleaning products on bands, as it may damage and/or weaken latex.
Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight